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Assassin’s Creed III will explore the harsh realities of early America

by William Schwartz


Ubisoft will not be viewing American history through rose-tinted glasses in its development of Assassin’s Creed III, they plan to give players a realistic look at the times.  One of the harsh realities of the era was slave ownership, and its a topic that Ubisoft is going to cover.

“We’re definitely not going to shy away from it in terms of not showing it.”“It’s something that we’ve been very aware of,” said the game’s lead writer Matt Turner.  “Everybody had slaves at that point,” Turner told OPM.  “The first groups who rallied around emancipation didn’t come around until 1787 – largely driven by Benjamin Franklin funnily enough.  That was very much after our game and slavery was maintained in the culture.”

The development team won’t be shying away from the subject in Assassin’s Creed III.  “We feel that kind of subject deserves a certain amount of attention because it’s so serious and it needs to be treated with utmost respect.  We’re definitely not going to shy away from it in terms of not showing it.”

Earlier this week, Ubisoft revealed that it would explore the “bawdy” side of Benjamin Franklin, it looks like Ubisoft is definitely looking to paint a realistic picture of the harsh times of the era.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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