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Battlefield 4: Second Assault and Naval Strike DLC dated

by William Schwartz


The timed Xbox One exclusive Battlefield 4: Second Assault is finally set to arrive to current gen consoles, PlayStation 4 and the PC on February 18 for Premium members. As is custom by now, less privileged fans will have to wait two weeks.

Battlefield 4: Second Assault sees the return of a select few maps from the previous installment, namely Operation: MetroGulf of OmanOperation Firestorm and Caspian Border. Reworked in the newer, shinier version of the proprietary Frostbite engine, the maps take place after the fierce matches played in Battlefield 3, making those particular battlefields appear worn and rugged. After its absence in the first expansion pack, China Rising, the so-called “Levolution” will also return.

For Premium members, the release of the expansion pack will coincide with the ongoing Player Appreciation Month, so it might be a good reason to check back on the state of the game. Patches have been streaming in at a regular pace, and DICE have resorted to polling the community for feedback on balance issues.

Even the halt of expansion packs’ development seems to have ceased, as the same post that dates Second Assault also casually announces the arrival of the next expansion, Naval Strike, in late March. Few details are known about Naval Strike at this point, but I am personally hoping for paddle boats with mounted machine guns.

Have you stopped playing Battlefield 4, or are you still laying waste to skyscrapers and factory chimneys? Are you looking forward to Second Assault and future Battlefield 4 content? Let us know below!

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