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Battlefield 4 Balance fixes inbound, guns, vehicles, and equipment

by William Schwartz


For the most part, DICE has gotten Battlefield 4 stable on most platforms. There’s undoubtedly some work left to be done on the connectivity and client crashes front, but DICE also has eyes on balancing issues and gameplay tweaks that will be arriving shortly.

Breaking their recent extended silence, a new incoming patch could feature fixes for DMRs, grenades, and a couple of vehicle tweaks are likely in the works as we speak. Battlefield 4 players have quickly gravitated towards overpowered weapons and squad combinations since launch.

We’ll likely see a better balance between Anti-Air Vehicle power, and helicopter power in the update. Spectator Mode will also be seeing an upgrade shortly, which will remove clutter and provide a better flow.

DICE has given no ETA on these Battlefield 4 tweaks and balances.

- This article was updated on:January 8th, 2014

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