Battlefield Hardline’s Mechanic Community Mission Now Available

by AOTF Staff
Battlefield: Hardline Resolution

Week two of the Battlefest Class Weeks is here and this time around the Mechanic is the class being called into action.

Battlefield Hardline’s Mechanic class is very similar to the Engineer from previous Battlefield titles: the go to class when you need vehicles fixed or an explosive, or two, used. In Battlefield Hardline the explosive of choice for many Mechanics is the Grenade Launcher which packs enough of a punch to, in Visceral Games’ words, make “enemy rides to go boom.”

The Mechanic Community Mission focuses on the teamwork side of the class, in terms of helping teammates out by fixing their vehicles; instead of the explosive aspect of the multiplayer class. The mission is rather simple, repair 25 million vehicles within a week.

Simple, perhaps, in concept but the amount of vehicles that need to be repaired is colossal. However, the reward if the figure is reached surely means it is well worth a go. If completed within the week players will receive a free Gold Battlepack and a Mechanic-themed wallpaper.

The Mechanic Community Mission is now active and lasts until April 20th, 2AM PT. Progress of the community mission can be followed by checking the “Multiplayer/Missions” tab on Battlelog. So what are you waiting for? Get repairing!