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Battlefield V Story Trailer Highlights Heroes, Theaters

The mountains should make for interesting terrain.

by Jacob Bukacek

It’s been quite awhile since EA and DICE have released a substantial trailer for Battlefield V, perhaps a bit too long considering that the game is due to release in just over a month. Better late than never though, and it this one packs-in a decent amount of detail for the eagle-eyed viewer. With this trailer, it looks like DICE has finally pulled back the curtain on our heroes and a few of the locations players will visit over the course of Battlefield V’s campaign.

Based on what’s shown here, it looks like Battlefield V will be employing a campaign structure similar to that of Battlefield 1’s “War Stories.” That is, offering players several small, self-contained stories instead of one larger tale. Our protagonists this time around appear to be a member of the French Foreign Legion, a British soldier working behind enemy lines, a Norwegian resistance fighter, and even a member of a German Tiger I tank crew. Though this last story won’t be available at launch.

Given who these characters are, it’s probably safe to assume that the battlefields players will be experiencing over the course of this campaign will include the Norwegian mountains, Morocco, and France. The naval ship and swarm of British spitfire fighter planes hint at at least one naval engagement and perhaps even a brief stint in the Battle of Britain, but there’s no way to confirm at this time. Given that these amounted to little more than flashes in the trailer, it’s very possible that they were just included as additional examples of heroism for the sake of the trailer. Hopefully, EA will see fit to clarify this and get more information into the hands of Battlefield fans as the days leading up to release continue to dwindle.

Battlefield V releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 20.

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