Bethesda Making Two VR Games for Fallout 4 and DOOM

by AOTF Staff

Pete Hines took the stage at Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference announcing two new virtual reality titles from Bethesda.  One, which we knew about is a Fallout 4 virtual reality game, and the other is a Doom VFR title.

Neither of the two titles are a huge surprise as Bethesda had working prototypes of both games at their E3 conference last year.  However, they do seem to have come quite a long way since then, with additional features showcased in trailers for the two games.

During the presentation they called Fallout VR a full length open world game with near limitless content, playable entirely in VR.  Last year when went hands-on with the games they used warping around in Fallout 4 VR, it’s unclear if that is still the case but we didn’t see any of that in the trailer.

Fallout 4 VR Trailer

DOOM VFR Trailer

- This article was updated on July 30th, 2021