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Big Modern Warfare 3 Update Incoming

by William Schwartz


Modern Warfare 3 will receive a major hotfix this evening as announced by Robert Bowling. The update should hit servers tonight and will include a number of fixes that have been complained about by Modern Warfare 3 players.

Modern Warfare 3 Hot Fix Update 12-12-11

  • Fire rate normalization for Assault Rifles with undermounts
  • FMG9 Rebalancing
  • Akimbo FMG9 Rebalancing
  • Extended Mag Shotgun Rebalancing
  • Type 95 Rebalancing
  • ACR Red Dot/Shotgun Attachment Rebalancing
  • Type 95 Drop Bug
  • Dome Map Exploits
You will not see a title update for these fixes to be pushed to the game servers.  These hotfixes can be implemented at any time via the game servers according to Robert Bowling.

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