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Blizzard delays real money auction house in Diablo III

by William Schwartz


Blizzard has decided to delay Diablo III’s real money auction house in lieu of the server problems that the company has been facing with the game. The company issued a statement making the announcement last night, and apologized for the bungled launch of the long awaited title.

“In order to make sure everything is continuing to run as it should, we’ve decided to move out our target launch for the real-money aunction house beyond our original estimated date of May 22nd,” the company announced.

As for the server issues, Blizzard admits that the global launch of the game surpassed their most aggressive projections, and their preparations for the release of the title “did not go far enough.” “We’re continuing to monitor performance globally and will be taking further measures as needed to ensure a positive experience for everyone. This includes some maintenance to implement additional improvements for each region.”

Since it’s launch of May 15th, Diablo III has seen intermittent server issues that have left many players unable to play the game in any form. It’s an unfortunate product of the necessary internet connection required to play Diablo III, even in its offline form.

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