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Bungie and Vicarious Visions Partnering to ‘Expand’ the Destiny Universe

by Kyle Hanson


Destiny has grown quite a bit since it first launched in September of 2014. The game has seen multiple DLC expansions, including a few almost total reworks of the game. Still, we haven’t see a full blown Destiny 2, or any sort of spinoff of this vast scifi universe. While we still don’t have official word on Destiny 2, it does appear that Bungie is looking for some extra content within the ever-growing Destiny mythos, announcing that Skylanders and Guitar Hero developer Vicarious Visions will be partnering with them on the unknown project.

The announcement is rather vague, simply welcoming Vicarious Visions “to the party” by saying “Vicarious Visions is excited to announce that we are partnering with Bungie to further expand the award-winning Destiny universe.”

This, of course, has sent fan communities into a speculation frenzy. Bungie is almost assuredly already working on Destiny 2, with many reports saying it could hit in 2017. Could Vicarious Visions be helping out with this in some way? It’s possible, though many are also wondering if this new developer will be working on a port of either the current game or Destiny 2. Could Destiny finally be heading to PC?

It’s been a dream since the game first launched, with it being one of the rare console exclusive third party AAA titles. FPS games definitely have a dedicated audience on PC, and with Bungie’s amazing work on the gameplay and feel of the guns in Destiny, many have been begging for the game to arrive on PC since its initial release. Vicarious Visions could be working toward porting the original game, or as we’ve seen with other developers lately, Bungie might make the base game, with Vicarious Visions in charge of getting it prepped for PC and/or other platforms.

It’s all speculation at this point, but the developer is definitely working on something with the Destiny universe, so we just have to wait to see what it is.

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