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Activision Comments Briefly On Its Aims And Ambitions For Destiny 2

by Damian Seeto


Destiny 2 is reportedly going to come out sometime next year and it’s going to be huge. Activision has now commented what it aims to achieve with the game.

The first Destiny was bought by millions of gamers when it came out in 2014, although it wasn’t without its critics. Some people didn’t like the story of the game and lack of content at launch.

Activision revealed during its its financial conference call that it’s confident that Destiny 2 will be able to bring in millions of new fans to the franchise. They also said that the game will energize the existing fan base.

The company also said that Bungie is on track with development for the game. They just mentioned it will be out in 2017, but refused to reveal more details about a release window. They hope the game is able to appeal to a wide range of fans both old and new.

Lastly, Activision promises that Destiny will be smarter in terms of how content is released. They want people to stay engaged even after launch. This sounds like they might offer more substantial content at launch as well as offering great DLC packs. Anyway, the game is not out until 2017. Hopefully it will be able to be bigger and better than vanilla Destiny.

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