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Dark Pit Amiibo Release Date Set for July 31st, No Pre-Orders Available

by Kyle Hanson


After the news of the Dark Pit Amiibo being a Best Buy exclusive was leaked, we were left with a couple of questions, which have now been cleared up thanks to a release from the Best Buy corporate headquarters.

The Dark Pit Amiibo will be releases in Best Buy stores across the country on July 31st at a retail price of $12.99. The article specifically states that he can be “found at your local Best Buy store” hinting at a lack of online purchases. This is further corroborated by the fact that there will be no pre-orders at all for the Dark Pit Amiibo. However, there is a listing on the website, so orders may go up on there one the release date.

Those seeking the likely hard-to-find character will have to get purchase theirs on the day of release, with no early orders going up at all. The release closes with a bit of an ominous warning, “Word to the wise: Get to your local Best Buy store early because there will be limited quantities as they will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis with a limit of one per customer. Also be on the lookout for offers on Nintendo products that day.”

Joining Dark Pit in Amiibo Wave 5 will be his Kid Icarus: Uprising co-star Palutena. Whether she will end up as another retailer exclusive has yet to be revealed.

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