Dark Souls 3 Leaked Through Early Tweet From Bandai Namco

by Dean James
Dark Souls 3

From Software’s Dark Souls franchise has been the definition of hardcore gaming and it has been all but a foregone conclusion that Dark Souls 3 was coming. Now through an accidental tweet from the publisher, there is absolutely no doubt.


With Dark Souls 3 likely slated to be announced during the Microsoft or Sony conferences today, publisher Bandai Namco’s UK branch got a jump on the action by accidentally tweeting “…Only embers remain. #DarkSouls 3.”

That was not all though, as they also included a link to a video at the end that is no doubt going to be the trailer for the game. However, upon clicking the link, you will find that the viideo itself is listed as private.

This means that Bandai Namco was planning on uploading this probably as soon as the trailer made its debut during probably the Microsoft conference, but instead someone working on Bandai Namco UK had an itchy trigger finger.

Make sure to stay tuned for all of information on Dark Souls 3 as it hits today and once the showfloor opens on Tuesday. The Souls franchise is one of the most well respected in all of gaming and I’m sure From Software will make sure that this game honors that long tradition.

- This article was updated on July 30th, 2021