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DayZ Alpha due out by December

by William Schwartz


The standalone version of DayZ in its Alpha form will arrive before the end of the year, according to the game’s creator. “It has to be”, said Dean Hall in a recent interview with Eurogamer. “It’s going to be cheap. We’ve decided that we don’t need to sell a heap of units for us to be OK with where it’s going. The more units we sell of it the more ambitious we get, because the project has the better resources.

Hall suggests that if the Alpha version of DayZ goes well, they can continue to do some “Cool Stuff” in January and February. The “more ambitious features” will come at a later date according to Hall.

The popular mod for the Arma 2 military simulator puts players into Zombie survival mode, with a more “realistic” approach than any other zombies title on the market today. The standalone experience will be somewhat of a blessing for those that don’t have the PC chops to install the DayZ mod on their computer. It’s not the easiest expansion to get up and running, but the Alpha version of the game should open up the DayZ experience to a whole new category of PC gamer.

Look for the Alpha version of DayZ in December.

DayZ – The Survivors

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