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Dead Rising 3 runs like a poorly optimized current-gen title

by William Schwartz


Digital Foundry recently put a build of Dead Rising 3 through its paces, and the team has discovered that the Xbox One exclusive won’t even meet the low bar of 720p and 30FPS. The testers say that while there are some cool effects to be found that are only possible on the next generation machine, it largely feels like a “poorly optimized current-gen title.”

Drops to 20fps are consistent and sustained

According to Digital Foundry, “The statement from the team is that a locked 30fps is targeted here, but in the build we saw there’s a huge gap to be bridged in this regard; drops to 20fps are consistent and sustained when outdoors, with 16fps being our record low during some of the biggest explosions.”

This is not good news for Xbox One fans, but then again, this is a launch title. Given the problems that the game was seeing back at E3 2013, it’s not surprising that there seem to be some issues still remaining with the game. But a “poorly optimized current-gen title” that’s not exactly what we were hoping for from this popular franchise.

Digital Foundry Analysis Dead Rising 3

- This article was updated on:November 12th, 2013

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