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They can’t all be The Last of Us, Deadpool getting low marks from critics

by William Schwartz


On the heels of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us probably isn’t the best place to be for any game. Especially one that represents itself as a dumb action game. The critics are weighing in on High Moon Studios’ latest creation, and it hasn’t been pretty.

While it’s hard to judge from just scores alone anymore, many of the reviews for Deadpool tend to gravitate towards a few central complaints. It appears that High Moon hasn’t quite journeyed into new territory with Deadpool, rather just played it safe with yet another licensed comic book game that misses the mark.

Here are a handful of the reviews we’ve read today.

IGN – 60 – Much of the Deadpool gameplay experience is formulaic and safe…so safe you might thin developer High Moon Studios is playing some sort of self-referential gag on the player.”

Game Informer – 60 – When I finished this game, I walked away unfulfilled.

Kotaku – Despite saying the game is six hours long with abysmal AI, “YES” you should buy this game.

Polygon – 70 – Deadpool received a score only one half of a point below The Last of Us, a game which is widely regarded as the best game of 2013, thus far. I’d call that a recommendation.

There aren’t that many reviews out on Deadpool at the moment, but the absolute highest we’ve seen is in the low eighties. The game currently holds a 66 on Metacritic.

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