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Deadpool Movie Trailer Description From Comic Con

by Damian Seeto


The Deadpool movie trailer from Comic Con has sneaked online right now and it’s looking cool.

The new Deadpool movie trailer starts with a different origin. Obviously this is not the same character we saw from the horrible X-Men Orgins: Wolverine movie.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is dying so he agrees to get some surgery in order to fix himself. He’s told he will become a superhero. Wilson makes a joke about Green Lantern as he says he doesn’t want his suit to be “green and animated”.

The film cuts to when he’s actually in the Deadpool suit and he’s sitting singing to some hip-hop music. Then he jumps inside a car to beat up some dudes.

Deadpool cracks a joke on why his suit is red. He says it’s because bad guys won’t know if he bleeds. After that, he goes and shoots at some more bad guys. We then get to see Colossus for the first time too.

The next few scenes show a lot of things while DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” plays on. It looks like the movie will be full of fun jokes and a lot of action. Deadpool gets to play with his swords.

The movie has the right tone for the character and could be both action packed and humorous. Sadly, 20th Century Fox has yet to officially release a trailer for it.

If it’s not deleted yet, you can watch a bad quality leaked trailer by clicking here.

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