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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Raid Conquered

Clan Ascend has come forward to win the race.

by Brandon Adams


Destiny 2: Shadowkeep recently dropped its new raid, but less than twelve hours later it’s been defeated.

The Garden of Salvation World First race is over.

And the victors are: ExBlack and his clan Ascend! Having finished the final fight Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent 8 hours after the raid dropped, the three time world first champions have beaten all other contenders, including popular Destiny streamers such as Datto, who is still working on the final fight as I write this. ExBlack’s Twitch is nothing but cries of victory, and even Bungie has confirmed the World First clear.

The final fight has proven a hurdle to most teams, with the complex balancing of portals, mote farming, and platform rebuilding giving way to shielded mobs sacrificing themselves and Vex Cyclops that can one-shot any player. It’s a brutal fight, and most teams have been struggling to get the Sanctified Mind below half health.

ExBlack were able to push through it all and have taken the crown (and belt). A new dialogue with Eris Morn will greet Guardians as they log in, and other changes have yet to be seen. If Garden of Salvation is like Last Wish, then there could be larger, world-affecting changes coming. Nonetheless, congrats to ExBlack and his fellow clanmates in Ascend. It was a hard fought race, but ultimately they get to walk away the champions.

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