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Destiny Beta for pre-orders only in July


There’s been some confusion as to who will get access to the PlayStation-exclusive Destiny Beta this July. While it had been rumored that all PlayStation Plus subscribers would get access to the beta, Sony has clarified that the upcoming Beta will be for pre-order customers only.

A post on the European PlayStation Blog announced that all PS Plus subscribers would see access next month, before retracting the statement.

“The Destiny Beta will be available via pre-order only. The blog post is worded incorrectly and will be amended.”

The post still hasn’t been updated on the PlayStation site though. It still reads that the beta kicks off on July 17th, and that “if you’re a PlayStation Plus member you will be able to fully experience Destiny and its incredible multiplayer.”

Pre-ordering hasn’t exactly been a safe bet over the last few years, and getting to play the game in beta isn’t exactly something you should be rushing to GameStop for.

It’s unclear whether there will be further opportunities to play Destiny ahead of the game’s impending September release.

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