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Destiny Beta for Xbox will last four days, PlayStation for ten

| July 7, 2014

Destiny Beta for Xbox will last four days, PlayStation for ten News  Destiny

The Destiny Beta is fast approaching for PlayStation and Xbox owners.  Later this month, beginning on the PlayStation, the Destiny Beta will open for pre-order customers on July 17th.  Those that got a chance to take a sneak peek at the Destiny Alpha will have new locations to explore, and the Destiny Beta will include at least one new Crucible Map.

Xbox owners will get their crack at the Destiny Beta a little later in the month.  Bungie has revealed that the Xbox beta for Destiny will begin on July 23rd.   Xbox owners won’t have long to experience the Destiny Beta.  Bungie says that the Xbox One codes will begin going out on July 23rd, with the Beta concluding at the end of the day on the 26th.

The developer says to “play when you can,” but  that they’ll be providing a “special reward” for those visit the beta on the 26th as they look to set a high watermark for population.

As is every July 7th, it’s Bungie Day, and they’ve released a brand new trailer to commemorate the upcoming launch of the beta.   Destiny is due out on PlayStation and Xbox consoles this September.

Destiny Beta Trailer

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  • Facts First

    I’m passing on poor man halo clone. Rolling with Master CHIEF Bungle trying to treat Xbox owners like second class citizens.

    • Xbox LOL

      You what’s nice about being a PlayStation gamer? No need to troll. You poor xbots get the short end of the stick at every corner. It makes life much simpler. The only thing xbots can do is live in their own reality. Ignoring the news, ignoring AAA multi platform titles with free exclusive content and better versions on PlayStation. Looking over the xbox poor line up of dull and un-inovative games.

      Actually makes me feel for you. Then again I don’t believe you own either next gen console.

      • David

        You say no need to troll but you’re trolling right now lol that’s all playstation owners do.

        • Not_true


          Disqus is swarming with microsoft fanboys spreading lies, hate, and FUD.

          • David

            I see more PS players trolling than xbox. I think most would agree

          • PS4>>>>>>>>xbone

            GK15, Facts First aka Green Rings, ihatehipstersss, blarg, 111AlaN111 and more are all trolling PS as soon as any article is up. Probably because xbox is losing so badly but the mother fauqers started it so even though PS4 is putting the smack down on xbone I choose to be here to pay them the same.

        • Spectre01N7

          It’s called sarcasm, can you read it?

          • David

            Call it what you want. Either way it’s trolling lol

      • Ryan

        Honestly, some Playstation and Xbox fans are as bad as eachother, they spend most of their time arguing instead of playing the damn consoles.

        • Xbox LOL

          It’s the xbots that started it though, particularly on this site. They need to grow up and stop the nonsense. They fail to accept simple facts and they purposely lie and troll about nothing.

          Nothing I said was a lie. Just pointing out that xbox fans have to live in their own reality since the real world has many negative things to say about xbox.

          • ps4 guy

            i am an of a ps4 as well and it doesn’t even sound like your living in the real world…there also many people who have to say negative things about the ps4 which means we live in our own reality to…there’s two sides to a card ya know

          • 111AlaN111

            You said lies, like the X1’s lineup being bad, that we have uninovative games, and that the PS4 has always exclusive content for all.

          • Not_true

            Xbox One’s lineup being “bad” is an opinion.

            Obviously a delusional fanboy opinion, since both consoles have good games on them.

          • 111AlaN111

            I know both consoles have good games. The other user said that the X1 games were “laughable”, when I’m sure he would want some of those games on the PS4.

      • Ghb2014

        Your a little bitch as I read your comment I really wish I could slap the shit out of you, you made yourself sound like an ignorant jackass there fucking game consoles man to each his own, I have and xbox one bungie is one siding this but it’s i believe they have no control over it just like when Microsoft owned them and with halo, but it aggravates me that they try to deny it on when it is obvious. It’s how the guy feels and that’s how a lot of xbox players feel.i mean 4 days for the beta on xbox wtf people have lives I’ll probably be able to play the beta for like an hour with that kind of time range.

        • SisterSafetyPin

          You’re calling someone a “little bitch” over a beta. Do, grow up. You embarrass yourself, other xbox users, and former xboxers

          • Ghb2014

            I’m not embarrassed at all I’m tired of mostly people that play ps jumping on someone because there upset about what is happening there people expressing themselves and ps players are fucking with everyone that says something I really don’t care that they get a few extra day then we do, what aggravates me is someone fucking with someone else because of how they feel I’ve never posted on this crap about console wars because it is that just crap but “xbox lol” is an fucking moron and correct me all you want I’m not writing a damn paper for college so shove it up your ass. And I didn’t call him a bitch over a beta I already explained so gets your facts strait

          • Spectre01N7

            They will probably extend the beta, stop whining about that, the game releases sept.9 for all consoles. You should be more concerned with how you get less content for the same price.

        • XBOX lol

          Why thank you. Just the response I was looking for.

          You’re BTW not your

          And you are wrong. Bungie is simply multi plat now and Sony is the one that put money in securing free exclusive content just like they did the tons of AAA multi plats of last gen. Too bad you are just to ignorant to realize that micro$oft takes your money and simply doesn’t deliver.

          • SlimMini

            Their btw, not there

        • Spectre01N7

          Actually Bungie owns this IP, unlike Cod, it’s practically owned by Activision. But what’s wrong with a buisness making buisness?

      • Not_true

        They both have good exclusive games.

    • Not_true

      Xbox One has loads of 3rd party games not on PS4 (Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Scaleborne, etc.) but microsoft fanboys get asshurt because a game is multiplat with a bit of timed exclusive content. By the way, they BOTH do this timed exclusive crap. Don’t be a fanboy hypocrite.

      Imagine the fanboy meltdowns if Destiny actually was a PS4 exclusive..

    • s3ltzer

      LoL that’s funny…because I think of Halo as a poor man’s Destiny.

      • PS4 an Xbox One

        That’s like saying an original xbox is a poor man xbox but it was just in its time

    • Guester

      waaaahhh waahhhhhh

  • Steven Hiller

    Looks like Bungie is still obsessed with the Marathon universe. Anyway this game took lots of money to develop, can’t really blame Activision for taking some money from Sony, looks like they’re trying to walk a tightrope and still do right by Xbox. Game looks great, I just hope the story can remain strong in a open world style.

    • Spectre01N7

      Xbox doesn’t care, they still have a firm grip on the biggest game in history.

      • Perk

        Whats the Biggest game in History ??? Tetris 1984 148 million copy’s

        • Spectre01N7

          Call of Duty, it’s not exclusive but that dlc first was the biggest boost in 360 sales. secondly tetris was a game most people owned in 1984, because there were barely any games made during that time…Call of duty is one of the only games to gross, 1 billion dollars in one day.

          • Perk

            Cool I thought Tetris would be up there ..

          • Spectre01N7

            It maybe the biggest game and tetris is like chess, it’s a classic.

          • Meh

            Actually, GTA V grossed waay more than that

          • Spectre01N7

            Historically Call of Duty franchise has made way more money than the gta series

  • Dennis

    silly me, and I thought the point of gaming was having fun with boxed wine, I mean GAMES.

    Grow up sheesh.

  • Generalkidd

    I’ve never heard of a game company blowing off their original fanbase this much before. Bungie claimed they’re not playing favorites, then they announce PS4 gets more than double the beta time while Xbox only gets a few days. And then they also announce that Destiny gets 1-year timed exclusive DLC which is absolutely ridiculous considering Call of Duty only gets 1 month timed exclusive on Xbox. If this game turns out to be just a cheap, low quality copy & paste port on the Xbox One, I’m done with Bungie and never buying their games again.

    • bungie is only playing politic

      hey be fair…well never be able to play halo…bungie was just trying to win us over…they’ll ease up next year probably and it’ll be fair game for everyone…or prob not because they are a big multi-million dollar corporation :/….but hopefully tho

      • Generalkidd

        If they play it fair next game and show they genuinely care about all their fans, then perhaps I’ll reconsider my position. But until then, this really feels like Bungie is making their old xbox fans lick the crumbs off the floor while PS4 gets spoon fed their full 3 course meal (Alpha, Beta, Full Game DLC). Xbox was pretty much denied the appetizer, got crumbs for the sampler, and has to wait 1 year for dessert. And you can’t play Halo because Microsoft owns the IP, not because they paid Bungie to keep it exclusive or anything. It’s the same reason why neither of us can play Mario or Zelda on the Xbox or PS4.

        • Spectre01N7

          Dude these guns are gonna be so underpowered you’re not even gonna realize they are there.

    • Not_true

      Xbox One has loads of 3rd party games not on PS4 (Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Scaleborne, etc.) but microsoft fanboys get asshurt because a game is multiplat with a bit of timed exclusive content. By the way, they BOTH do this timed exclusive crap. Don’t be a fanboy hypocrite.

      Imagine the fanboy meltdowns if Destiny actually was a PS4 exclusive.

      • Generalkidd

        Yes, Xbox gets Call of Duty timed DLC, but it’s only for 1-month. Likewise, PS4 gets Battlefield timed-DLC, also for 1-month. But Destiny? PS4 gets 1 YEAR timed DLC. That’s just ridiculous. Can you imagine if Xbox gets Call of Duty timed exclusive DLC for 1 year?

        • Spectre01N7

          Xbox secured the second assault dlc, for Xbox1 and left ps4 and PC in the dust (premium members btw) for a month…..

    • Spectre01N7

      And we got the alpha don’t forget about that

    • Spectre01N7

      It’s not low quality I can tell you that ive plaid the alpha it reqlly is amazing. and of course it’s gonna be a port…..saves development time.

  • Darklurkr23

    Not even a week? really? Sadface

  • Country Boy Lucifer

    You can understand developers wanting to please the largest installed customer base, makes perfect sense that ps4 gets more

    • jaskdavis

      Lol, some of these people getting mad because Bungie has a contract with Sony SMH. I love Bungie and from what I’ve heard from the Destiny PS4 alpha, I’m surely getting this and can’t wait to play the Beta… even if it is for only a few days ;)

      • Allen

        Exactly, Sony simply negotiated it, xbox has their own negotiations like on Evolve.

    • JCheezy

      Your getting pretty desperate with your comments now Hoppsy. Everyone is playing nice then you come along and try to ruin it like you always do. That’s why your hated by all.

  • ZachOfAllTrades

    Hey xbox lol do u remember the play station 3… Oh ya lol. Plus I own both consoles and both are great in their own ways. Yes destiny will have an advantage in ps4 but don’t get too pumped ps4 because xbox still has the upper hand in all of halo. So don’t argue just to justify your purchase. It doesn’t help your cause by proving to others you could make a big boy decision on the console YOU prefer over another. Can’t we all just get along. And agree that all video games are great.

    • SisterSafetyPin

      Straight up, I know I talked mad shit about the PS3 as the 360 gamer. The only difference between then and now, is I saw the writing on the wall and smartly bought a PS4 this gen. Shit talking can continue as scheduled, lol

  • scerw bungie

    WOW how the hell is this far this bullshit we get 4 days that’s not fair at all why are we being treated like a fat ex girlfriend bungie are being fgas

    • Spectre01N7

      You got dumped because you’re fat…would you call your fat ex girlfriend when you have a way hotter one sitting next to you? Lol

  • Guest

    I don’t understand the reaction. I think 4 days is enough.
    There must be a reason why they are doing it. Sony may have paid to get more days. MS also pays for content and timed exclusivity.

    If this sells badly on Xbox One they may decide to make any further version a PS4 exclu. it’ll only hurt the xbox gamers.

    • Spectre01N7

      The game is multiplat for 10 years

  • M

    I don’t understand why people who play on different consoles argue so much. I personally have a ps4, but I also have an xbox 360. I enjoy both and have even been mostly playing my 360 lately. I just find it ridiculous that the comment sections are always filled with xbox and playstation fans trying to fight over how the other person has the wrong personal preference when it comes to gaming platforms. Why can’t we all just get along and enjoy video games people, isn’t there enough hate in the world already?

  • Sean

    The console war is completely stupid. It should not matter what console or rig we play games on. All that should matter is that we play games. We are gamers. We should be bonding over the fact we play games not arguing about what we play them on.

    • Not_true

      Disqus is swarming with microsoft fanboys spreading lies, hate, and FUD. They keep lying over and over.

      Both Driveclub and Forza are good racing games. Both consoles have good exclusive games. Fanboys don’t recognize that.

      • Spectre01N7

        It’s called buyers loyalty

    • Spectre01N7

      It matters to developers though. And this war is a bit lop sided in ps4s favor

  • Kickinwing

    While I agree that both consoles fight for exclusive deals, I can’t help but feel like the exclusive ps4 trailers, skins/gun and now longer beta are kind of overboard. They might be winning over ps fans but they are equally ostracizing xbox fans and I don’t think it is in the game’s best interest. Not saying this applies to everyone but there are a ton of good games coming out this fall and doing something like this makes people like me who are on the fence decide to pass. Only so much game time to spend and I’d rather spend money on a game that is fully supported on my console. For example, I will be playing games like Ori, Sunset and a remastered Halo 2, no time for hand me downs. Just my take though!

  • bdlckkd

    That’s what I’m excited for

    • SisterSafetyPin

      lol, I honestly thought this was a joke troll post until I realized you posted this and I know you think Xbone is srs business

    • s3ltzer

      Lola… this is all XBO owners have to be excited about…. between superior multi-platform games and solid exclusives, PS4 owners are living the 8th gen life….

  • JCheezy

    I’m kinda bummed we only get 4 days only because I work 12 hour days with 2 kids so my time to play is limited anyway but now 4 days really gives me minimal time to try this game out. Oh well. In the end it’s only a game, if I took games as serious as a Hoppsy then id put stupid comments all the time too.

  • Billy

    How is it that Playstation is able to have the beta for 10 days while Xbox only gets it for 4 days? I thought this game was intended to be a cross platform game. You would think that if you wanted to best experience for both platforms that you would put the same effort into both systems. I feel like I am being wronged here and it makes me not want to pick up the game due to the lack of content availability for xbox owners. Nothing against Playstation owners but this game is a Activision/Bungie collaboration shouldn’t it be that both platforms receive the same level appreciation when it come to working out the bugs on the beta. Yet on the other hand could Activision and Bungie need the extra time to fix their bugs on Playstation console vs. Xbox console? THOUGHTS!!!

    • OZZIE

      I think the less time for Xbox users is because Bungie lost one of the best Xbox exclusives, Halo. So now they are doing this.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Xbox fanbase getting the crumbs they deserve.

    • Guest


  • factfirstlovesd!ck

    It’s ok Xbox. You have 6 extra days to earn some cars in forza without paying

    • Country Boy Lucifer

      This! Lol

  • chippywillbethere

    All right, I’ll say it, Xbox owners only get 4 days because Bungie already knows Xbox live is stable enough to handle Destiny.


    There is no console war! The rule is you always buy nintendo everything! Then you choose between whatever is left over! I’ve always loved PS but when the xbox first came out and I played halo that’s when I became a fan! I personally love the controller better as it fits well with my odd using 6 fingers to controle all the buttons at a time. I wanted a PS4 when Microsoft was being all gay, but they finally listened and I got a Xbone! But next generation who knows what will happen? Maybe I will switch just depends on where tha games are! Hardware doesn’t sell consoles software sells consoles! That’s why the wii U is finally starting to do good!

  • Alexander Higginbottom

    This kind of favoritism is insulting for a game your selling for the same price on each console.

  • Spectre01N7

    I remember a lot of xbots calling the PS4 the PS Poor when it came out….. and just because bungie created a fucking legend, they went with a similar format, that’s a bad thing?

  • TROLLpanda

    The fuck xbox why playstation can suck my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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