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Destiny Iron Banner Event Cancelled due to Various Connection Issues

by Kyle Hanson


Destiny’s Iron Banner was supposed to start today, but Bungie has issued a statement cancelling the event. The cancellation comes as many players are reporting connection problems, with this week’s Trials of Osiris also being impacted. It seems that while they work on the problem, which can manifest in a Honeydew error code within Destiny, they don’t want to cause further headaches for players as they try to connect to the popular mode.

The statement is pretty definite, simply saying “Due to the same issue that prevented players from joining matches in Trials of Osiris, we are also cancelling Iron Banner for this week.” A follow up added, “Attention Guardians: Iron Banner has been grounded for now. We’re working on a fix to restore the player experience to Saladin’s standards.” With Bungie hard at work figuring out the current problem, it is possible that they will work it out and get Iron Banner back up before the week is over.

This is pretty unlikely though, as they’ve already gone tot he extra trouble of cancelling the event. If they were close to a solution they likely would have went forward, launched Destiny Iron Banner as usual, and told players to be patient as they worked out the issues.

So far the Honeydew error has impacted Nightfall, weekly strikes, and raids, though Bungie did say that those were worked out last night. The current troubles could be related to that, or totally different. The only thing we know right now is that Destiny isn’t running at 100%, so cancelling the Iron Banner event makes sense right now.

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