Destiny Weekly Heroic Strikes Adding Matchmaking in Future Update

by Kyle Hanson

Bungie is hard at work on the next big Destiny update. The 1.1.1 update as they call it looks to reshape many aspects of Destiny, but they aren’t quite revealing all the details just yet. This week’s blog post did share a few small details though, and they should be interesting to any longtime Destiny players. The big change revealed this week is that the Weekly Heroic Strikes will now allow matchmaking.

We wanted the Weekly Heroics to be a challenge that pushed you and your buddies

Not only that, they will actually require it from now on. You’ll still be able to play with your friends, but if you don’t have a full Fireteam, matchmaking will fill it out for you. As the update says, the original plan was for you to tackle the Weekly Heroic Strikes with your friends, ensuring that you went in with equally skilled players, or at least players that you could communicate with. However, this didn’t end up being the case in actual play.

“We wanted the Weekly Heroics to be a challenge that pushed you and your buddies,” says Destiny Design Lead M.E. Chung. “But what we observed was that these strikes don’t demand the same cooperation of a cohesive pre-made group. The overwhelming community response was such that many players didn’t have the numbers on their friends list to experience the activity on a weekly basis.”

This change means that players will no longer be able to play through the Weekly Heroic Strike solo, as so many adventurous players had. However, the Nightfall will be unaffected by the change. Also, unfortunately, Raids won’t get matchmaking either. Bungie does throw out that they are “keenly aware of the issue” though, saying “We think good Raid sessions rely on groups of communicative players who are invested in each other, but we know that it’s challenging for many players to find groups for Raids and Nightfall today. We are thinking hard about how we can help make that an easier experience in future releases.”

No release date is currently set for Destiny update 1.1.1, but the game is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One right now.