Devolver Reveals Paradise Never An Artistic Indie Action-RPG

by AOTF Staff

Developed by Kitty Lambda Games, Paradise Never showcases an interesting brick based gameplay engine, but under the surface is an interesting action-RPG set in a futuristic French revolution.

Paradise Never is set in 2027 on the island of France as you revolt against the oppressors and band together with a colorful cast of characters. Each speech bubble is a beautifully crafted work as the art style manages to make it pop off the screen. The island itself is randomly generated as you continue to play as the island regenerates and grows over a three-day cycle over and over again. Using the same cycle, players will have to liberate the island and right the characters wrongs to beat the game.

Quests will have players traverse the area surrounding the island by customizable boat that can be outfitted with cannons. If at any point your revolution becomes too costly with casualties, the Gods will reset the time loop and you will have to give it another go. Interaction between NPC characters is also a heavy focus as the game changes dialog depending on circumstances within the world for unique experiences every cycle. Check out the trailer for Paradise Never below.

Paradise Never is set to release this summer on PC, Mac and Linux.