Attack of the Fanboy

DICE continues to beef up security for Battlefield 3

by William Schwartz


DICE is continuing to respond to cheater’s efforts in Battlefield 3 with timely solutions, and they’re next move is to hire a new full-time employee dedicated to combating the problems. The position is listed as an “Anti-Cheat Administrator” on EA’s online job boards, their job: “secure the online experience”.

“The administrator will compose an absolutely vital function to secure the online experience our games represent by actively be a part of the community and keep up to date with the current cheat exposure. The administrator will also own the analytical work with our player behavior data to keep our leaderboards and game play filled with fair play.”

The move comes after DICE recently had to rectify illegitimate player bannings from players that circumvented the PunkBuster, anti-cheat servers that are already in place. Cheating is nothing new in video games, but it certainly hampers the online experience in shooters if there isn’t a level playing field.

Hopefully whoever they hire is good, he’s gonna need to be.

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