Did David Hayter Really Voice That Surprise DC Villain In Last Night’s The Flash?

by Dean James

The Flash is really the gift that keeps on giving for longtime comic book fans. The show is very enjoyable for those with no comic background, but those who grew up on comics find even more appreciation by seeing characters we never thought we’d see in live action. However, last night’s ending to The Flash may have taken that to an entirely different level, with a very famous gaming voice actor reportedly doing the voice.

Before going any further, there are going to be major spoilers beyond this point in the article. This DC villain’s appearance was a major surprise, so if you have not watched yet, go do so before reading this.

The fourth episode of the season, titled “Fury of Firestorm,” was focused around the finding of a new Firestorm partner for Professor Stein after the supposed death of Ronnie Raymond. However, one side plot involved the continuously adorable, Patty Spivot.

Working on the anti-metahuman taskforce, she brought Barry what she said were some sort of shark teeth that keep showing up around town. This seemed to allude to the comic character King Shark, but Barry eventually came back and dismissed the idea of a man shark based on the teeth. You’d think that would just be a plotline for Barry and Patty to flirt and grow closer right?

Wrong. In the closing minutes, Barry speeds around and ends up watching Patty from afar while she is inside CC Jitters. At this point, while Barry is giving his little monologue, a giant slimy looking hand grabs Barry from behind. The camera than pans and and it is King Shark in his full glory.


The CG team on The Flash did not hold back a bit, as King Shark looked absolutely fantastic in action. This is certainly one of the characters that I personally never thought I’d see in live action, but man did they do it. The Flash has given us not only villains like the Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, and even Gorilla Grodd in its 26 prior episodes, but King Shark easily takes the cake.

This appearance was great in of itself, but after that came something that seemed even more interesting. Someone pointed to a tweet earlier in the day from David Hayter, best known as the iconic voice of Solid Snake, which said:

“I am playing a killer new role on #TheFlash and I believe I debut in tonight’s episode! #GuessWhoIAm”

Before the night was over however, he deleted this tweet. All indications seem to be that Hayter had to be King Shark here, as he made his debut tonight and it seems to fit. Also, this also made a lot of people think that maybe we’ll be seeing more of him, either as the Earth-2 version we saw tonight or the regular Earth-1 version if by chance the Earth-2 Dr. Wells killed him tonight. Him deleting the tweet could lend some credence to that, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018