DOOM ‘is the Most Ambitious Game We’ve Made’ and ‘This is Just the Beginning’ says id Software

by Kyle Hanson
DOOM Photo Mode

DOOM is finally here, with the game having launched late last night around the world. While reviews aren’t yet out (keep checking back for our’s soon), fans have been waiting quite a while for this title. Published by Bethesda and developed by series creator id Software, DOOM is seen as a return to the classic arena style shooters of the past, offering brutal, frenetic gameplay with a modern coat of paint. Developer id Software is celebrating the launch now, and has said that DOOM “is the most ambitious game we’ve made”.

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“From the relentless “rip-and-tear” action of the campaign, to the constant competition in multiplayer and limitless possibilities of SnapMap, we’ve packed in a ton of ways for you to play,” says an id Software representative. “We hope you enjoy playing DOOM as much as we still do. And with so many possibilities, we’re most excited to see you find and create experiences that we never even imagined.”

The post goes on to share the team’s inspirations for the game, which includes not only the original DOOM titles, but also the mods and other aspects surrounding the games. “If you have been a part of that amazing and diverse legacy, you have our thanks and we hope that you find both familiar and new DOOM experiences as you play this game. If this is your first experience with DOOM, welcome to the party. Grab a shotgun and start killing some demons.”

The post closes with appreciation for the fans, and a promise for the future. “Thank you all for the incredible support and encouragement. We’ve had an absolute blast making DOOM – but with all of the updates, features and additions we have planned, we want you to know this is just the beginning.”