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Dragon Age Writer David Gaider Leaves BioWare

by Jason Eliason


Writer David Gaider has announced that he is leaving BioWare.  Gaiter publicly declared his departure from the company via Twitter.  He wrote, “Some news: I must sadly announce that, after 17 years, today is my last day at BioWare.  I’ll miss my team, and wish everyone here the best.”

Gaider is best known for his work on the Dragon Age series.  The Canadian writer has worked on the series since Dragon Age: Origins, creating many of the games’ iconic characters, as well as the world of Thedas.

Further expanding the Dragon Age Universe, he went on to write prequel books to Origins, The Stolen Throne, The Calling, and Asunder, as part of the currently 5 part series.  Gaider has also published several Dragon Age comic book series.

“As to where I’m headed next, that announcement will come in due time”

As of this time, Gaider has not yet declared any specific reason for leaving the company. “It was indeed my decision, one not made easily since BioWare’s been very good to me, and the parting is amicable.  It’s simply time to move onto a new challenge,” Gaider wrote in an email to Polygon. “As to where I’m headed next, that announcement will come in due time – today’s about saying goodbye and packing up.”

Apart from the Dragon Age saga, David Gaider has worked with the studio on a number of titles throughout his seventeen year carrier.  Notable works include Baldur’s Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.


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