Dragon Ball Super Episode 38, 39 And 40 Titles And Plots Revealed

by Damian Seeto


Upcoming episode titles and plot summaries for Dragon Ball Super have now been revealed. It gives us more details on what will happen in the multi-verse tournament.

Bear in mind, potential spoilers follow so be advised if you want to watch the episodes on your own. It does sound like we will be nearing the latter end of the tournament very soon. The very reliable Gojitaaf translated the info he found from Japanese TV guides.

Episode 38 of Dragon Ball Super is called “The Supreme Warrior of the Universe # 6! An assassin named Hit”. The plot summary is: “The last opponent of Vegeta is none other than Hit, the supreme warrior of the Universe 6. Vegeta noticed Hit approaches the ring relaxed and calm, without any pressure. There he realizes he’s really strong. Hit is actually an assassin, proud of his abilities that make him the supreme being of Universe 6.

Episode 39 is titled “The attack against the sophisticated Tokitobashi! (Time Skipping) We will see! The new technique of Goku!” The plot summary is: Vegeta challenges Hit using Super Saiyan Blue but Hit’s technique, ‘Tokitobashi’ deals a barrage of hits in his vital points and makes him faint. Goku is able to guess how Hit’s ‘Tokitobashi’ works and thus, while in Super Saiyan Blue state, he also challenges Hit.

Episode 40 of Dragon Ball Super has a working title of only “Conclusion”. The plot says: “The martial arts tournament between the Universe 7 and Universe 6 involving Earth is finally coming to an end. Champa, in a rage, wants to destroy all participants who represented his universe. Cabba and others are terrified. It is at this point that “he” appears in the ring…

Be sure to check back with us every Sunday as we review each episode of Dragon Ball Super in full. The tournament might be more interesting with the last competitors now fighting.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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