Dragon Ball Super Episode Titles 42, 43, 44 And 45 Revealed

by Damian Seeto


Now that the multi-verse tournament in Dragon Ball Super has concluded, it’s time to look ahead at what is next for Goku and the other characters.

We know the episode titles were revealed a couple of weeks ago, but we thought it was more appropriate to share you this information now since episode 42 is coming up this Sunday. It didn’t make much sense spoiling the information when the multi-verse tournament was still going back in April.

Episode 42 airs on Sunday May 8th and it is called “Finally, the confrontation with Monaka“. As you may have seen from the episode preview, Goku finally gets a chance to face Monaka in a fight.

Episode 43 airs on May 15th and is called “Difficult to handle Pan“. It sounds like Gohan will be back as we have not seen him in a while. He might have to handle his daughter Pan.

Episode 44 sounds interesting as it just says “The secret Choujinsui“. It could refer to something about some type of special water, but this one puzzles me. We’ll find out when this Dragon Ball Super episode airs on May 22nd.

Lastly we have episode 45 which airs on May 29th. This one is called “Miracle, a second Vegeta!“. This indicates that Vegeta may visit Planet Salad in Universe 6 and will meet someone that looks just like himself! If you remember from episode 41, Cabba really wanted Vegeta to visit his home planet.

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