Dragon Ball Super Episode Titles 50 To 53 Revealed; Black Goku’s Identity Will Be Known In July

by Damian Seeto


The titles for future Dragon Ball Super episodes have now been revealed. It looks like we have to wait another month until we know the true identity of the villainous Black Goku.

Gojiitaaf on Facebook has translated the episode titles for Dragon Ball Super once again thanks to Japanese TV guides that have been published. The episode titles are brief, but they are still interesting to read. Bear in mind, potential spoilers follow so read at your own discretion. They aren’t major spoilers, but they give you can overview on what is going to happen next.

Episode 50 is called “Goku vs Black“. This episode will be airing on July 3rd. It’s a simple title as it will be the real Goku vs the evil one dressed in black. Episode 51 is simply called “Missing Mai across time” and this will on air July 10th.

Episode 52 is called “Gohan and Future Trunks” and it is broadcast on July 17th. It’s possible the Gohan from our timeline will be getting a bigger part in this Dragon Ball Super arc as he hasn’t done much lately. Lastly episode 53 sounds juicy. It is called “Black’s Identity Revealed” and you can watch it on July 24th.

There you have it. It looks like this Future Trunks saga will be quite lengthy which is a good thing. You have at least one more month until you find out who the Black Goku really is!

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