Dragon Ball Super Episode Titles 57 And 58 May Have Black Goku Spoilers

by Damian Seeto


The titles for Dragon Ball Super episodes 57 and 58 have been revealed and they may have a few spoilers to the identity of Black Goku.

The Japanese TV guides have revealed a schedule of what is to come in Dragon Ball Super. There are three episodes in the month of September as a one week break is occurring once again. Potential spoilers may follow so be wary of this.

Episode 57 airs on September 4th, 2016 and is called “The Birth of the invincible God Zamasu”. The small plot summary says: “Can Goku and the others defeat Black Goku? Goku eventually turns into Super Saiyan Blue and uses all of his power against Black Goku: An intense battle begins!

There’s no plot summary for episode 58 yet, but the title says “The Secret of Black and Zamasu“. This episode airs on September 11th. The title here is a huge hint that Black Goku and Zamasu are the same person, or at least linked in some way.

There’s no Dragon Ball Super episode airing on September 18th. The series will continue with episode 59 on September 25th. The title is still unknown for episode 59. It will be interesting to see how this saga ends.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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