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Dragon Ball Super To Introduce A New Theme This April

by Damian Seeto


The ending theme for Dragon Ball Super has been altered many times in its first season and it appears it will be changed once again when a new song debuts in April.

Japanese band, Czecho No Republic, announced earlier this month that their new single called “Forever Dreaming” will be the new ending theme for Dragon Ball Super.

The new song will make its debut sometime in April. We don’t know what it sounds like yet, but it’s possible it could be heard from episode 37 or episode 38.

The band previously supplied a theme to Dragon Ball Kai called “Oh Yeah!” It was used as the fifth theme for the Japanese broadcast of the series.

The previous other ending themes were performed by “Hello Hello Hello” by Good Morning America, “Starring Star” by KeyTalk, and “Light Pink” by Lacco Tower.

It’s interesting that they changed the ending theme so many times while the opening theme has been kept after 35 episodes. The only thing that changes in the beginning is a few characters being added in.

Stay tuned here at AttackoftheFanboy this Sunday as we will review episode 35. We will also be reviewing all of the other upcoming episodes too.

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