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Dragon Ball Super Titles And Plot Summaries Revealed For Episodes 31, 32 And 33

by Damian Seeto


The upcoming titles and plot summaries have now been revealed for Dragon Ball Super episodes 31, 32 and 33. The Champa saga is now in full swing as the Z fighters get ready for the multi-universe tournament.

As noted by Gojitaaf, Japanese magazines have revealed the titles and plot summaries for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes. It appears the tournament will be starting very soon and the first match will feature Goku fighting one of Champa’s men.

Episode 31 is called “To Zunow! You should ask where to find the last Super Dragon Ball!“. The plot summary is: “Bulma plans to gather the Super Dragon Balls that are apparently in Universe 7. She wants to gather them first and oppose the violent ways of Beerus. But, in order to do that, she needs to go to the center of the Universe and use the radar. She calls Jaco, the Galactic Patrolman, but he says it’s impossible to get there unless they talk to Zunow who might know more about the Super Dragon Balls.”

Episode 32 is called “The tournament starts! Everyone goes to the ‘Nameless Planet’!” The plot summary says: “It’s the day of the tournament. Goku and the others ride in a cube and join with Beerus, Whis and Monaka. Everyone goes to the Nameless Planet and they are stunned by the size of the Super Dragon Balls.”

Episode 33 is called “Astonished 6th Universe! This is Super Saiyan Son Goku!“. The plot is: “The first match of the martial arts tournament is Goku vs Botamo from Universe 6. But, immediately after starting the match, Goku can’t put his mind to it because he ate too much. He somehow pulls himself together, but no matter what Goku does, Botamo is unfazed by his attacks.”

This is all the information that we can provide about the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes. Stay tuned here at AttackoftheFanboy as we review every episode of the Japanese version each week. Episode 31 airs this Sunday.



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