Dragon Ball Super Will Introduce A Brand New Villain

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by Damian Seeto

The official Dragon Ball Super twitter page has revealed a brief description of the TV series’ story. More specifically, a possible new villain.

The official Dragon Ball Super twitter page announced:

The release of the TV series Dragon Ball Super based on the Akira Toriyama story begins this July. After the meeting with the God of Destruction, Beerus who had awakened from a long sleep, and after Frieza’s resurrection who was once feared as the “emperor of the universe”. An even more mysterious character now comes into play.

Sorry about the rough translation. It pretty much just states that Dragon Ball Super occurs after the animated movies, and a new mysterious character is going to confront Goku and the gang.

It sounds like the Dragon Ball Super twitter page is teasing some sort of new villain. People are already speculating if this new villain is another type of “God”. We know Beerus is a “God”, but there could be other beings like him that exist in the wider Dragon Ball universe.

It’s likely this new mysterious villain in Dragon Ball Super will be an even bigger threat than Frieza and Buu. It sounds like Resurrection F and Battle of Gods are still considered “canon”. As aforementioned, it’s possible the new series picks off right after Resurrection F ended.

Dragon Ball Super makes its big debut in Japan this July. We should know more details about it very soon.

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