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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Announced For Release In 2016

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Xenoverse released back in 2014 and was without question one of the best Dragon Ball games in years, but more so seemed to serve as an excellent blueprint for a sequel. We’ve been waiting and after some teasing by Bandai Namco yesterday, and now Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has been officially announced for release later this year.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was unveiled in exciting fashion with a pretty simple teaser trailer through the Bandai Namco Youtube page, which you can see below. The trailer shows you controlling your own user created character once again, though it doesn’t show any details on the customization upgrades we can expect.

Just like with the first game, the trailer says that the goal in Dragon Ball Xenoverse is to “Protect the History of Dragon Ball.” This is going to be done through what they are calling the “largest and most detailed Dragon Ball world ever developed.”

What has us really excited though is that it looks like this game will add even more content than the original, as the movies appear to be playing a big role.

The teaser site that was put out yesterday had images from the anime and a number of the different movies. The trailer shows parts of the usual anime, but also includes a quick shot of movie villain Lord Slug and even shows parts based on the specials Bardock – Father of Goku and History of Trunks.

The biggest question though is whether Dragon Ball Super will play into this at all, as the anime has not made it to the US yet. It’s possible it could since this will release in Japan, but it might could leave some elsewhere confused.

While we don’t get to see too much, the game looks absolutely great in action, which is likely helped by the fact this is said to be exclusive to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, making it the first exclusively current-gen Dragon Ball game yet. Make sure to stay tuned for any information about this game as we learn it, with new information said to be coming at E3 next month.

- This article was updated on:May 17th, 2016

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