Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Success Comes From Bandai Namco And DIMPS Partnership

by Dean James

Dragon Ball Xenoverse finally gave hope to fans of the franchise that were beginning to think we would never see a good entry in the series again after being played out too much by now. However, the magic recipe it seems was bringing back DIMPS to work on the franchise after being gone for awhile and they are continuing that partnership with the recent reveal of Saint Seiya that is coming to the West.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe sent out a press release discussing their plans for Saint Seiya and within that release, their Vice President of IP Strategy, Marketing, and PR mentioned how much working with DIMPS is helping, with Dragon Ball Xenoverse being the latest great example of this.

“As an entertainment provider, we are very proud with the activity around SAINT SEIYA , a legendary licence! On one hand, we have a new Anime on our very own Daisuki.net, on the other hand SAINT SEIYA will hit PC and PlayStation®4 for the first time ever with this Soldiers’ Soul opus! Our collaboration with DIMPS Co.,Ltd has always been successful and our latest collaboration, DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE, proved that our duo is working perfectly well! We all are excited to see this game coming out in Autumn 2015!”

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is bound to get a follow-up that hopefully will be from DIMPS as well, as they just seem to understand what makes a great Dragon Ball game. Either way, we still have some DLC content to come, which will hopefully include Goku’s latest form from the upcoming movie.