Is Goku’s New Super Saiyan God Form Coming To Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

by Dean James

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been providing fans of the long running franchise plenty of hours full of fun since its release back in late February. Combined with the DLC that has come and still is coming, this is one of the most fulfilling DBZ games in many years. We learned recently that the third DLC pack would be bringing Frieza’s new Golden form from the newest movie to the game. With the release of that movie, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, coming on April 18, the latest issue of Shonen Jump magazine has revealed yet another form for Goku, but will it also make its way into Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

Before reading any further, this will contain major spoilers for the new form for Goku, so if you do not want to have that ruined, stop reading right now. According to Anime News Network, the latest Shonen Jump magazine debuted Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan God form. Those who saw the last movie, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, will remember Goku’s God form that gave him red hair, instead of the usual black or golden. The Super Saiyan God form takes it to an entirely new level by having Goku’s hair be completely blue, which you can see in the link given above.

With Goku getting yet another form, one has to wonder if we could see it added to Dragon Ball Xenoverse in the future. Golden Frieza’s inclusion was a nice surprise and it would make perfect sense to see Super Saiyan God Goku be added as well. The only issue is that the Season Pass only consisted of three DLC packs, so that might be it for Dragon Ball Xenoverse. However, if Bandai Namco Games and DIMPS are smart, they would definitely consider adding this new form in the future. It’s has already been announced for the upcoming handheld title, Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, as well, so it wouldn’t be too out of the question. If Golden Frieza is supposed to be so powerful, we have to have a comparable form for Goku right?