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E3 2016: The Division’s Second Expansion Survival Unveiled

by Dean James


The Division is getting its first paid DLC in just a few weeks with the Underground, which is all we thought they might be showing, but they surprised us with some more info during the Ubisoft E3 conference.

After talking about Underground and a few other things, they unveiled Survival mode, which makes weather a major factor in the game as you must survive.

In this mode, there is little food, little water, and the temperature is continuing to drop, while also having to not get killed by others that are just trying to stay alive as well, as it becomes hunter vs. prey.

“The storm doesn’t care if you live or die,” but working together will help you survive in this second expansion for The Division. No release date was given for this, but it did say that Xbox One and PC owners will once again get it first when it does release soon.

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