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E3 2016: The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer Shows Off An Older Clementine

by Dean James


Telltale Games has been around for years but they really hit the mainstream with the release of The Walking Dead Season 1 back in 2012 that won many game of the year awards. This was followed up with another stellar season a couple years ago, so we’ve been waiting for the announced season 3 and now we finally have our first teaser trailer that showcases an older Clementine.

The Walking Dead Season 2 featured multiple different endings, so we’ve been wondering just how they would follow up on those vastly different possible endings. We don’t get any answers to that here, but we do get a few teases that will keep us speculating.

In this first teaser trailer for The Walking Dead Season 3, it starts off focusing on a walker, but what really gets interesting is the last portion that shows that walker getting shot in the head by none other then Clementine.

This now teenage Clementine definitely looks older, though we do notice she is missing a finger for some reason that I’m sure we’ll get an answer to in the actual game. She has also evidently found a new group or at least person to venture around with, as she isn’t alone. This other guy we see is said to also be playable in the game, so it will be interesting to see how they handle that.

The teaser trailer ends with giving a release window for the kickoff of The Walking Dead Season 3, which it says is coming in the fall.

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