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EA Star Wars: Battlefront will be shown at E3


The upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront title being developed by DICE will be shown off during this year’s E3. The news comes bearing from a EA investors conference call when a topic about Star Wars video games came up. Only one game was brought up and not too much information was given out.

According to Gamespot, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, held a investor conference call when one of the investors asked about the Star Wars related video games in development. For those of you who are unaware, Disney made a deal with EA to develop core Star Wars related video games. Since there’s a number of Star Wars titles being developed, Andrew Wilson only spoke of Star Wars: Battlefront.

Apparently, Andrew Wilson believes that the Battlefront title is coming along very well but there’s quite a bit of work to do. We do know that the game will be available during this year’s E3 though what we’re unsure of is if the game will simply be a video shown during the expo or an actual playable demo. I personally clocked numerous of hours into the Battlefront series and can’t wait to see another installment. More details should follow on June 9, 2014 as EA has a scheduled E3 press conference.

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