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English Voice of Vegeta Talks About Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F

by Damian Seeto


The English voice of Vegeta, Christoper Sabat, talks about what it was like working on Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F.

Christoper Sabat was recently interviewed by CW33 on his experience voicing Vegeta for the English dub of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. He feels FUNimation and OkraTron5000 go the extra mile to make the English dub feel authentic.

For Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, Sabat likes to “reference the Japanese first“. He’s currently the English voice director for the film on top of voicing Vegeta and Piccolo. He feels it’s important the voices sound like “it’s coming out of that character’s mouth“.

Even though Sabat has been voicing Vegeta and Piccolo for many years, he still felt recording the fight scenes in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F to be “physically demanding“. He said that he’d be sweating, but sweating is a sign he knows he did the job properly.

Sabat still has a lot of fans come up to him congratulating him on his work on the Dragon Ball Z series. He’s been doing it for well over 15 years now.

Sabat and the English dub team is currently in the mixing process of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. They will be finished before the movie hits North American cinemas from August 4th until August 12th.

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