Fallout 4 Finally Lets Your Character Run

by Dean James

Fallout 4 was finally revealed last week after more teasing than you can count by Bethesda. This was all a lead up to Bethesda’s conference tonight that we all knew would have a lot of content, but would largely be focused on the hotly anticipated sequel

Within this large portion of their conference, we got tons of new information about the game that we’ve told you about already, like the dynamic customer creation and camera types, but one of the most useful is something that many may not talk about.

That feature is the ability to run all throughout the game. This seems like something so simple, but it was left out of games like Fallout 3. Having this added will definitely be a minor selling point to newcomers, but matter a lot to longtime fans of the series.

The previous games lacked this feature and made navigating the large maps a real pain at times. Adding in this simple feature is a genius move and will make Fallout 4 all the better when it releases later this year.

Do you think this is a feature that the Fallout series has needed for a long time? Make sure to stay tuned for plenty more coverage in the coming days from Attack of the Fanboy at E3.

- This article was updated on July 30th, 2021