Final Fantasy XV Demo Update Coming Soon

by Damian Seeto

Square Enix is about to release an update that will improve the gameplay in the Final Fantasy XV demo.

Square Enix made the announcement on the latest Active Time Report. A NeoGAF user translated all of the things that was said. It looks like there might be more reasons for you to play the Final Fantasy XV demo all over again.

The Final Fantasy XV demo update is set to include:

– AXB enhancements
– Improved camera and targeting system
– Additional combat actions and overall rebalancing, more joint attacks
– Combat tweaks like MP usage, etc. More range of action for each weapon
– Add dodge rolls

Some other things that they want to improve in the Final Fantasy XV demo is optimizing the frame rate and making it full HD. The demo was not even 1080p when it first came out in March. They might also allow you to split up the party to do quests and such.

However, Square Enix stresses if they cannot make the changes on the next Final Fantasy XV demo update, they can always just implement it on the full game.

Square Enix also confirmed that a short new trailer for Final Fantasy XV will be released at E3. There will be more additional information on the game at Gamescom.

The target release date for the demo update is expected to be implemented sometime in May.