First Deadpool Movie Trailer Gets Classified

by Damian Seeto


The first Deadpool movie trailer has been classified and it is due to be out very soon.

The Alberta Film Ratings have classified the first teaser trailer for the Deadpool movie. Unlike the full movie, the trailer will have a PG rating.

The length of the trailer has been revealed as well. There should be a decent amount of comedy and action because it will be 2 minutes and 24 seconds long. It should show some of the footage that they already showed at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this month.

It’s being speculated the trailer will be attached to 20th Century Fox’s cinema release for the new Fantastic Four reboot on August 7th, 2015. This makes sense since comic book movie fans are likely to be interested in all of the characters.

We saw the Comic Con footage from the movie already and it’s looking pretty cool. It has the right type of humor and action that a Deadpool movie should have.

Not to mention the movie is looking much better than the character’s portrayal in X Men Origins: Wolverine. Hopefully those that missed the Comic Con trailer can look forward to seeing footage from the movie sometime next month.

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