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Update: First ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Trailer Will Be Up Later This Month

by Damian Seeto


Update: Watch the new trailer by clicking here.

We have not seen any footage from Dragon Ball Super yet. This might change later this month as the first trailer is set to be revealed.

The official Dragon Ball Super Twitter page just announced:

After June 14th’s broadcast of Dragon Ball Z Kai, the first Dragon Ball Super announcement is airing. At the same time, the climax of Dragon Ball Z Kai happens. Plus next Monday, the official Dragon Ball Super website will be receiving a power up. The first video is coming soon!

Sorry for the rough translation. From the sounds of things, the first trailer will be shown for Dragon Ball Super either next week or the week after that. Other translations say the trailer drops on June 15th.

In either case, the trailer for Dragon Ball Super will be shown later this month sometime. The actual series is airing on July 5th, so it’s about time some advertisements for it arrive.

Many people are excited for Dragon Ball Super as they feel it’s a true successor to the popular Dragon Ball Z series. Dragon Ball GT was not from Akira Toriyama and some people consider it “non-canon”.

We’ll be sure to let you know when the first Dragon Ball Super trailer hits.

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