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First Mass Effect 4 Details And Images Released At San Diego Comic-Con

by Dean James


Ever since the release of the conclusion to the Shepard trilogy in 2012, gamers have been dying for more information on the next entry in the Mass Effect series. During E3, we merely got some conceptual art for the game, but nothing more than that. However, during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, brand new information was released about the game, along with some new images.

We learned that while Shepard will not be involved with the game, this one is likely going to be set during his lifetime. And just because Shepard is not involved, does not mean we won’t see some familiar faces either.

One major reveal is that the Mako will be making a return, and yes, they know how frustrating it has been in the past. With exploration so vital in this game, they mention that they the Mako was necessary. We get some renders of the new Mako as well, which is much more agile and features no cannon.

It was alluded to that this game is basically a spiritual successor to the first three in a sense, with the game featuring plenty of uncharted areas. This will come from exploring a large number of planets, with the Mako serving at fast travel.

Also, the game will not be called Mass Effect 4 supposedly, but that’s basically what everyone is going to refer to it as for now. To check out the rest of the images shown off during the panel, check out the gallery above.

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