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Fortnite Battle Royale is Coming to the Hype Zone

by William Schwartz


Mixer is adding Fortnite Battle Royale to the Hype Zone.  As one of the interesting features of Microsoft’s Mixer streaming service, The HypeZone are basically channels that try to hone in on the most exciting moments of games, most recently it’s been the streams where players are closing in on a Chicken Dinner in PUBG.

Today, Mixer will begin hosting a Hype Zone channel that features Fortnite and it can be accessed starting today.  HypeZoneFortnite will aim to capture the same excitement that it does with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by showing Fortnite Battle Royale streamers that are in the most action packed moments.

If you’ve yet to watch a HypeZone stream, it’s basically a channel that switches between different streamers that are closest to the Victory Royale in Fortnite (or Chicken Dinner in PUBG) and will stick with them until they either win or die.  The good part about this is that anyone is eligible to be featured on the HypeZone, whether the streamer has tons of followers or not and it’s an interesting way for smaller streamers to gain exposure.

To check out the HypeZone you can currently see the action unfold live at HypeZoneFortnite.

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