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Forza Motorsport 5 will not require an internet connection to play

by William Schwartz


Earlier this week Turn 10 revealed that they would be delivering day one DLC for Forza Motorsport 5 as a download for Xbox One players.  At the time, it was unclear whether this meant that the game would be unplayable for those who aren’t connected to Xbox Live.  Turn 10’s Dan Greenwalt has clarified the online requirements for Forza 5, and the DLC that will arrive at launch.

The majority of the content is on the disc

Greenwalt explains that the DLC will not prohibit players from playing the game offline,  so player can access the game’s Career mode and Free Play and other offline modes.  According to Greenwalt, “The vast majority of the launch content is contained on the disc.”  For those that don’t connect to Xbox Live, they’ll only be able to race against the standard drivatars that were developed at Turn 10.

For those that do connect to Xbox Live, they’ll be downloading new Drivatar data when they log in, as it evolves when players play the game.

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