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Free To Play Friday: Spintires

by William Schwartz


This is the first of a brand new weekly series called “Free to Play Friday.” Gaming is fun and, sometimes, you need to pay a lot of money to have that fun. What if you could get that same fun for free? AotF is here to help! We will bring you a new free game to check out every week on Fridays (just in case you need something to do for the weekend). You’ll probably need a PC though, sorry Mac users, you did this to yourself, unless you have bootcamp or something.

So, give me the benefit of the doubt here. This isn’t technically a game. Yet.

Where are my manners. The “game” is Spintires, or at least, what I’m introducing to you all today is the tech demo for Spintires.

Right, just a tech demo, but it’s probably the most brilliant tech demo you will ever encounter. Spintires is an offroad driving simulator, which was successfully funded by Kickstarter in June, where the finished product will revolve around moving cargo from one point in the Siberian wilderness to another, like logs, with tough Soviet trucks and vehicles.

This isn’t just some “offroading simulator” like driving a pick-up truck through the forest in GTA, it’s a simulator that actually simulates mud, its effects on your wheels, sand, its effects on your wheels and even the effect of waves as you try to ford rivers. I’ve also broken a tree once.


The graphics are really nice, especially for a tech demo and you have an interesting area to play around, with pretty much every kind of material you would expect from an off-road adventure. Of course, it isn’t perfect, your vehicle is essentially impervious to being suberged to water (which is a bit unrealistic) and it takes hits on trees like nothing happened, but those are very small issues in a tech-demo that is just heaps of fun waiting to happen.

Not convinced? Here is Nerd3 giving it a go. You can get the tech demo here.

A tip if you do decide to give it a shot, you get two different vehicles: A SUV and a large giganto-truck. I have yet to find a way to reset the whole map to its pristine condition (other than re-installing that is) and lets just say that the giganto truck has a tendency of tearing up the roads, which makes driving the SUV impossible.

Tune in next week for the next AotF Free To Play Friday where we will be introducing you to another free game!

Are you going to try the Spintires tech-demo? Did you have fun? Why or why not? Leave a comment below!

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