GAME Charges Customers Seven Times For Super Mario Maker

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by Dean James

Super Mario Maker is set to release this coming Friday across the Western markets and is bound to be a fan favorite for longtime Mario fans everywhere. However, many of those that ordered the game from one of the biggest gaming companies in the UK were in for a terrible surprise yesterday.

According to Eurogamer, many customers who ordered from the UK based store GAME were having some major issues with their Super Mario Maker orders. Instead of the £46.99 cost for the game itself and the Classic 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo, those who ordered the game are being charged many more times than they should.

The first reports from people on Twitter were that they were being charged five times for the game, for a total of £234.95. The stories got much worse though as later reports said people were getting charged £328.93, or seven times for the game.

This is something that obviously GAME will correct, but this is a major mistake that can mess up a lot of people. In fact, multiple people on Twitter have called them out saying they caused their account to overdraft.

Hopefully GAME can work something out and banks will understand this issue, but this is definitely not good for those that got overdrawn especially.

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