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Goku’s Japanese Voice Actress Talks Briefly About Dragon Ball Super

by Damian Seeto


Although not many details about Dragon Ball Super have been revealed yet, Goku’s Japanese voice actress is excited about the series.

Last weekend on May 9th was officially recognized as “Goku Day”. Toei Japan caught up with Goku’s voice actress, Masako Nozawa, to discuss Dragon Ball Super and her opinion on the future of the franchise.

Surprisingly, Nozawa does not know many details about Dragon Ball Super herself even though the series is set to debut this July in Japan. She said she doesn’t know about the story yet, but she knows the series will be “super fun”.

She is also predicting that Dragon Ball Super will also have amazing battles. Apart from the new series, she’s also hoping a new animated movie is made too. For now the only recent DBZ movies are Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. We still don’t know if another movie will be made yet.

Nozawa also hopes that Dragon Ball Super just doesn’t focus on Goku, Gohan and Goten. She hopes the Dragon Ball family gets bigger in the future. I guess she means the series introduces a few new characters that we haven’t seen yet.

It may not be until next year that Western countries get to see Dragon Ball Super. However story and characters details are sure to be shared when the series airs in Japan this July.

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